Deployed Resources Mobile Restrooms Reigned at DraftKings Event

Deployed Resources was in Jersey City, New Jersey this past weekend for DraftKings first-ever Sports Betting National Championship taking place throughout the NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend. DraftKings is a popular online fantasy sports platform allowing fans around the world to get in on the game. We supported this event by supplying, setting-up, and maintaining our…

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Ten Creative Ways to Repurpose Shipping Containers with the Help of Custom Fabricators

There are over 17 million shipping containers in the world1, and while they are originally designed for freight and the transportation of cargo, individuals worldwide are taking advantage of these environmental, durable, and cost-effective structures to further innovate and improve infrastructure with creative solutions. Here are 10 creative ways to repurpose a shipping container: Amplify…

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Micro Camp 3D Animation

Deployed Resources is proud to debut our most recent 3D animation featuring our Micro Camp. Take the virtual tour and watch how the Micro Camp supports small teams of deployed personnel during operations or trainings. The camera rotates around the Micro Camp, showcasing the secure living environment along with the variety of products that make…

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Containerized Gym Unit (CGU) 3D Animation


Deployed Resources is proud to debut our most recent 3D animation featuring our Containerized Gym Unit (CGU). Take the virtual tour and watch how each unit converts to a world-class, portable weight training facility built from modified ISO shipping containers. The camera rotates around the three CGU sizes and configurations to show the CGU space, level of detail, equipment, and usability….

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Redefining the Music Industry

We have all looked forward to attending a music festival or event. We teeter back and forth, trying to decide if many of the unpleasantries of large events outweigh the joys of shared festival experiences and seeing some of our favorite bands perform live. Music festivals range from all-day to multiple-day events. Let’s face it…

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Creating the Best Dining Facilities

Food Service & CKU

The Deployed Resources turnkey Containerized Kitchen Unit (CKU) and dining facilities include all the space requirements, equipment, and experienced staff to efficiently prepare and serve meals in a clean, safe environment. Great meals promote great morale, and we have been awarded continually for accomplishing this feat. We offer an award-winning 14-day rotational menu that has…

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Containerized Kitchen Unit (CKU) 3D Animation

CKU Animation

Deployed Resources is continually working on innovative ways to provide information about our products and services. This has included many digital projects from interactive diagrams to digital applications, eliminating the guess-work out of planning a base camp to planning points of distribution. In addition, a series of 3-dimensional product animations have been created to bring…

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Introduction to the SEC

Our Small Expeditionary Camps (SECs) are designed to support smaller, frequently mobile, Tier 1, and Tier 2 Special Operation Forces (SOF) units in a bare base mode for either training or operations. The SECs provide all the amenities of a large base camp in a compact and agile platform. The equipment is ideally suited for…

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Winterization Concerns

SEC Winterization

Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter! As temperatures begin to dip, now is the time time to start planing and preparing your temporary life support facility for winter. Whether you are in need of business continuity solutions, disaster support, small/large camps, special event structures, or custom-built solutions, Deployed Resources has a large inventory of…

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Custom Fabrication: 10′ Cannabox for GrowTech Industries

Deployed Resources recently teamed up with Buffalo, NY-based GrowTech Industries LLC to create a custom fabricated container unit for their Cannabox™ product line. The 10′ Cannabox is equipped with climate control, smart technology, integrated electrical, custom grow shelving/lighting, and more. The unit is designed to be immersed in any climate and while performing with optimal…

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The Journey of an ISO Container

Container modifications can be made to suit any need. With structural alternations, architectural improvements, or electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installations, we have the capabilities to develop a custom solution that provides the maximum utility to the client’s container. More information about our core products and custom fabrication is available under the Products and Services menu.

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