2018: A Year in Review

At Deployed Resources, much of our work aids individuals either away serving our country or displaced due to unforeseen disasters. Once again, we are touched by each story we hear and every individual we meet and will use all of these unique encounters and experiences as a means to continue learning, improving, and heightening our…

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Let us Build Your Impossible — Meet the Deployed Resources Machine Shop

Since the beginning, the Deployed Resources team has strived to be innovators and solution-providers for the unpredictable, unconventional, and sometimes, even the impossible. While this never-ending challenge wouldn’t be possible without our inventive creators, the wide-range of technology at our fingertips has also significantly contributed to allowing us to challenge the status quo in the…

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2018 Hurricane Season Recap: Deployed Resources Disaster Response

According to expert meteorologists, the 2018 hurricane season is the most active season ever recorded.1 To determine the strength of a season, scientists use the “Accumulated Cyclone Energy” (ACE) index, which adds together the intensity and duration of all the tropical storms and hurricanes that formed. In 2018, the ACE for the Atlantic and eastern…

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Creating the Best Dining Facilities

Food Service & CKU

The Deployed Resources turnkey Containerized Kitchen Unit (CKU) and dining facilities include all the space requirements, equipment, and experienced staff to efficiently prepare and serve meals in a clean, safe environment. Great meals promote great morale, and we have been awarded continually for accomplishing this feat. We offer an award-winning 14-day rotational menu that has…

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Introduction to the SEC

Our Small Expeditionary Camps (SECs) are designed to support smaller, frequently mobile, Tier 1, and Tier 2 Special Operation Forces (SOF) units in a bare base mode for either training or operations. The SECs provide all the amenities of a large base camp in a compact and agile platform. The equipment is ideally suited for…

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S3E Seal of Commitment

Our S3E seal of commitment begins with the people of Deployed Resources. Staff members are cross-trained to accomplish multiple functions across all required disciplines, providing safe, sustainable, and innovative solutions for our customers. Our products include: SAFE Safety and training are critical components of our company, allowing us to conduct our operations and projects in…

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Containerized Resources: Our Division Dedicated to Custom, Purpose-Built Solutions

Purpose-built solutions

We’re happy to introduce the new Deployed Resources division dedicated to commercial, purpose-built solutions. Containerized Resources’ innovative mobile structures are designed specifically for customers’ needs. From stock structures to completely custom builds, Containerized Resources will build the perfect solution. Customizable Portable Expandable Configurable Sustainable Affordable If you can imagine it, Containerized Resources can build it….

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Custom Fabrication: 10′ Cannabox for GrowTech Industries

Deployed Resources recently teamed up with Buffalo, NY-based GrowTech Industries LLC to create a custom fabricated container unit for their Cannabox™ product line. The 10′ Cannabox is equipped with climate control, smart technology, integrated electrical, custom grow shelving/lighting, and more. The unit is designed to be immersed in any climate and while performing with optimal…

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WeWork 2016

Deployed Resources is proud to support the temporary facility needs of our innovative customers. This summer, we provided our solutions to WeWork in support of a corporate retreat they held for their members. We have had the privilege of working with WeWork over the last 3 years and 2016 was another highly successful event.

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