Small Expeditionary Camp (SEC)

Our Small Expeditionary Camps (SECs) are designed to support smaller, frequently-mobile populations. The SECs provide all amenities of a base camp in an expedient and agile platform. They include containerized shower, restroom, kitchen, and laundry equipment in bicon (10') containers, while housing is comprised of either collapsible fiberglass units or air beam structural shelters...

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Collapsible Modular Unit (CMU)

Our engineered Collapsible Modular Units (CMUs) are ideal solutions for expedient temporary facility solutions for housing, operations centers, workspace, or business continuity needs.

CMUs are modeled after the 8' x 20' ISO Shipping Container. CMUs can be set up by 3 persons in 1 hour, collapse to 17" high, and stack for cost effective shipping and storage...

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Sentinel II Airbeam Structures

The Sentinel II Airbeam tented structure erects in less than six minutes with no major tools and minimal labor. The Airbeam is available in five sizes and four colors. The Airbeam’s rapid deployment configuration is ideal for military training, emergency shelters, commercial/industrial support, or for staff support at special events. The Airbeam is modular and scalable and can be complexed together to establish larger facilities to fit site and customer specific requirements...

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