Vac-Toilet Module

One of the most sustainable mobile toilet systems on the market today, this three-stall module comes equipped with toilets that rely on a proven vacuum flush design powered by Jets™ technology. This technology saves up to 90% of the water used by conventional gravity flushing toilets (0.25 gallon vs. two gallons), while retaining full user comfort.

The luxurious modern modules have designer doors, which are shaped ergonomically and functionally so that sunlight enters the stall while allowing for optimum ventilation. Extremely smooth interior walls, no sharp 90° corners, and seamless flooring prevents dirt and waste from collecting and makes the module the easiest to clean portable toilet and shower system available on the market today. Both the interior and exterior are quickly and conveniently cleaned with a common household pressure washer.

The collapsible design provide easy, safe, and economical transport. Every four foot section of truckbed accommodates two modules, with six individual toilets per four feet. This enables a 53’ trailer to load 22 modules for a total of 66 toilet seats.

The drainage system is a closed system all the way from the toilet bowl through the Jets™ vacuum pump that powers the system into a sewage connection or temporary holding tank. The vacuum system inducts fresh air into each stall with every flush, resulting in a virtually odorless experience and the most hygienic operation available. Operators also have more freedom to place modules than normal gravity urinals. In fact, the sewage lines and toilet modules can be placed on slightly uneven surfaces.

This allows event organizers to provide dependable, high-end, high volume sanitation facilities to their visitors, each and every time.

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Key Features

  • High-end sustainable toilets for high capacity needs
  • Main module of a complete modular solution: toilets, urinals, sinks, and showers
  • Strong and sustainable design
  • Simple, safe, economic transport and loading
  • Proven vacuum technology by Jets™
  • Flexible on-site placement possibilities
  • 90% reduction on water usage and wastewater output compared to regular toilets
  • Hygienic “one form” corner-free interior design
  • Designed for fast and easy cleaning
  • No dangerous steps to get in the stall
  • Power-saving LED lights
Dimensions: 255 x 120 x 145 cm (folded) 235 cm (in use)
8.37 x 3.94 x 4.76 ft (folded) 7.71 ft (in use)
Frame: Galvanized steel
Interior: Fiberglass
Weight: 1650 lbs
Toilets: Vacuum flushing
Power: 12V
Standard: Waste bin, toilet roll holder, clothes hook, LED light
Installation tools: Not needed

Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.

Data Sheet

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