Water Systems

Water is typically supplied from on-site potable sources or if not available, brought in from an approved potable source via potable water tankers and stored in potable water tanks. Regardless of the source, Deployed Resources can connect and install a turnkey distribution system to support kitchens, showers, laundries, lavatories, and other camp facilities. All water related equipment is NSF61 potable water rated and water quality testing is performed weekly. The weekly analytical testing is subcontracted to a local independent environmental lab. All quality controls and inspections are performed in accordance with AWWA, EPA, and DOH standards for potable water systems.

All wastewater is connected to on-site approved sewer locations or collected in tanks via secure macerator pumps and closed piping systems. If an on-site sewer is not available, all wastewater is transported off-site via sealed vacuum tankers and disposed of at a permitted disposal facility.

From extending existing municipal systems to providing a completely independent system comprised of water tankers, bladders, pumps, and piping, our technicians provide site-specific water and wastewater solutions to any requirement large or small.

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