Logistics Staging Area Operations

When disaster strikes, organizing and distributing disaster supplies and services to the affected population is vital. Deployed Resources offers the proven ability to draw from our team of emergency managers experienced in disaster logistics operations and respond quickly when the need arises. We provide staffing, equipment, transportation, and support services to conduct self-contained turnkey LSA operations to receive bulk resources of shelf stable meals, bottled water, bagged ice, and tarps or other accountable and/or expendable supplies from federal, state, or vendor resources. We will account for and distribute bulk resources to designated county Points of Distribution at the direction of Client.

LSA Services Include:

Logistics Staging Area Team:

  • Manage the LSA operation for the client
  • Coordinate transportation
  • Operate Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
  • Receive, account for, distribute commodities and supplies provided by Federal, State, or vendor provided
  • Establish emergency worker commodity pick-up area to support agency pick up
  • Demobilize the site
    • Provide command post and other temporary administrative facilities
    • Provide Material Handling Equipment (MHE), power, and security lighting
    • Provide trucks with drivers to support shortfalls in local transportation

Provide for Driver and Staff Support Services:

  • Fueling Services
  • Food Services – Contract Catering
  • Portable Toilets or Restroom Trailers (Serviced Daily)
  • Sleeping accommodations for assigned non-local staff.
  • Showers (For assigned non local staff and drivers remaining overnight – Serviced Daily)
  • Rehabilitation Area (Covered and cooled (AC or Fans) and Beverages
  • Medical Area
  • Waste Management (Dumpsters- Serviced Daily)

Our pre-event planning services include:

  • Assist in your disaster logistics planning efforts compatible with FEMA’s disaster logistics operations
  • Developing plans and procedures for command and control, receiving, distribution, estimating needs, ordering, receiving, accounting for, securing, storing, and distributing the supplies, equipment and commodities needed during emergencies
  • Building resource capabilities
  • Providing specific logistics training development and presentation

Our on-scene response disaster logistics services include:

  • Field management of operations support sites and disaster logistic support operations
  • Identification of vendors and contractors to provide needed logistical support
  • Provide technical assistance related to the development of an all hazards County Staging Area Standard Operating Procedure and capability

“Deployed Resources is the industry leader in temporary population support facilities with products and services ranging from containerized showers, laundries, and restrooms, to full-service site design services, temporary power, water, wastewater management, lighting, food service, and staffing.

All of our products are adaptable to work with municipal systems or we can provide completely independent, self-sufficient infrastructure, depending on your needs. We can coordinate with all state and local officials to ensure that all codes are met and proper permits are in place.

Our services allow you to focus on the look, feel, and purpose of your event with complete confidence that your infrastructure and population support needs are being handled by professionals with extensive experience in special events.”

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